Find your inspiring
domain name!

Building a new business, mate? Maybe just rebranding?
Or you just wanna show off (be honest!)?

Whatever the case, get your adventure started on the right foot by choosing a domain name that matches your inner voice and inspires the audience.

Our motto is be lazy and efficient That's why we've built this free tool to research available domain names by exploring multiple combinations of names and domain extensions with just one click.

So jump in the good mood and...

Find your bad#ss domain!

Step 1: Pickup names

Write down a list of up to 50 words that you would like to name your new adventure. Words can be separated by space, commas, new line or any combination of these.

Step 2: Choose domain extensions

Input the TLD domain extensions that you would like to check. Write them down or select them from this list

Step 3: go for success

Just click the damn' search button


See something that you like? Drag the domain in the selection box at the bottom or click the Select button. And then search some more.

By clicking on Get It button you will be redirected to Godaddy's website, as we don't sell this sh#t. But we'll get a fat 😉 commission if you'll buy it using this link.

It might be that Godaddy is not selling the specific domain extension that you want. So feel free to google aroud for a domain registration service which does it.

Get it


You can export your selection list to take it to your team for a productive brainstorming session.